I don’t know my nationality. Probably not a unique situation for a person from an ex-USSR country. I was born in Moldova, in a family where Ukrainian language was a much more widely spoken than Romanian. And for some reasons during Olympic games we would always support Russia more than any other country.  I didn’t care as a kid, but as I grew up these reasons started to matter. For me photography is a way to explore the nature of the inner conflicts caused by national and cultural identities’ tensions. 


Vadim Rotari (1991) spent most of his professional life outside photography in a business world. Having received BA and MS in International Management from GSOM, Saint-Petersburg, Russia he has worked in several companies in Russia and Japan. In 2023 he graduated Rodchenko Moscow School of Photography and Multimedia, course "Modern photography and visual culture" and he is now pursuing his passion in photography. 


Right now he is engaged in a project dedicated to researching & archiving surviving objects of monumental art of Moldova SSR.  


2023_ "Tussenstop" personal open-air exhibition at SCHREIERSHUISJE | Rotterdam, Netherlands